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Black History Month
This site offers biographies of African-Americans, a timeline of events, and brief summaries of literary works.


Enchanted Learning
Find information on the biomes and habitats of animals at this link.

Find pictures and information on all kinds of animals.


Children's Authors and Illustrators
An extensive collection of links to authors and illustrators on the web is located here.


Biographical Dictionary
This site contains information on notable people from ancient times to present day.

Biographies of famous people including actors, political leaders and historical figures can be found here.


This site contains profiles of information on government, geography, and economy. There are also links to sites for recent headlines about countries.

Geography IQ
This site contains an online world atlas with geographic, economic, political, historical and cultural information. Also included are maps, flags, currency conversion, climate and time zone information.


Weekly Reader
This site provides news and articles for kids of all ages.


Flags of the World
Flags of the World contains more than 20,000 images of flags from around the world. Users can search by country or use the clickable maps.

World Sites Atlas
This world site atlas contains maps of continents, countries, states, and provinces.


Centers for Disease Control
An A to Z listing of health topics and diseases can be found here.

FDA Kids
Learn about vaccines, food safety, and tobacco here.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Hispanic and Latino biographies are found here.


The History Channel
Articles on a wide variety of subjects. Included are history of the World timeline, famous broadcasts and recordings.

A Biography of America
This site includes key events, maps, video transcripts, and additional links for each era in American history.

America's Story
Read about some of the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other people who shaped our country at this site.

Chronology of US Historical Documents
This site contains U.S. History Documents.

This site contains heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology.


Bizzare American Holidays
A host of bizarre holidays can be found here.

Yahooligans! - Holidays
Holidays Around the World are found here.

Kid's Domain - Holidays
This site offers games, holiday crafts and much more.


A+ Math
This site is designed to help students improve their math skills interactively. Included are games, flashcards, worksheets, and a homework helper section.

More math help is available here.


Marilee's Native Americans Resource
This site offers links to a wide range of Native American web sites, craft projects, recipes, songs, dances, and games.


Yahooligans! - Presidents
Offers links to sites concerning all the presidents.


Barley Familiar Quotations
Find those passages, proverbs, and phrases at the Bartlett site.


All Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Projects for elementary, middle and high school students.

Leaf ID
Learn how to distinguish trees through leaf identification.

Astronomy for Kids
Find maps and information about the stars and planets here.

NASA offers information for kids interested in space, science, rockets, astronauts and the solar system.

Welcome to the Planets
This site offers a collection of images from Nasa's planetary exploration program.


Stately Knowledge
This site contains basic information about all the states, plus links to related information in encyclopedias and almanacs.

50 States
Contains facts the United States including an overview of the history and geography of the United States with answers and links to frequently asked questions about symbols, statistics and states.


Women's History Month
Information on the lives and achievements of women who played a significant role in politics, science, and literature.

Women in American History
This site recognizes the achievements of American women from 1600 to present day.


Yahooligans! - Reference
The Yahooligans Kids Almanac is an easy-to-use directory of information on topics such as animals, the environment, people, languages, and the law.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
The Old Farmers Almanac offers essential advice, tips, and information on a wide variety of subjects including weather forecasts, astrological information, and gardening tips.

Encarta Encyclopedia
Includes an encyclopedia, dictionary and world atlas.


A directory of web sites grouped into over 600 subject categories that have been selected and reviewed by librarians.

A browsable, searchable directory of web sites for kids.

American Library Association
ALA 700+ great sites for kids is a list of kids' sites recommended by the American Library Association.