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The Town of Angier
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 Planning & Zoning
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News and Announcements
Angier Comprehensive Transportation Plan Approved
Officials in Angier unanimously approved the town's Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan, a project that has span 18 months in planning. This plan aims to increase the connectivity of local venues, the town's quality of life while ensuring the safety of residents. For details, read the approved July 1, 2014, Board of Commissioners' minutes.

Town Code Text Amendment Passes
During Tuesday's Board of Commissioners' meeting, officials unanimously approved the Town Code's nuisance section pertaining to drainage ditches, waste and trash.

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Welcome to the Planning and Zoning Department. We’re preparing for Angier’s quality future growth with land use and transportation plans, protection of the natural environment, and other initiatives. We review development projects, including rezoning proposals, subdivision requests, and site plans. The Planning Department provides recommendations and technical information to Town Boards. It is our philosophy that we value the customer and we are service oriented. We balance the needs of our diverse community, take pride in our work and are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Angier.

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