Town of Angier, North Carolina
Police Department 
Angier Police Dept. Programs
  • The Harnett County Safe Kids is a program where members of Public Safety throughout Harnett County inspect child safety seats. Checkpoints are set up throughout the entire county and child safety seats are inspected and installed. With cooperation of the State Fire Marshall’s Office and Governor’s Highway Safety Program, this program stresses the importance of child passenger safety.

  • The Angier Community Watch Program was started a few years ago and encourages communities in Angier to bond together to keep a watchful eye on suspicious activity and people in their individual neighborhoods. This program fosters a team effort of constantly sharing information and fellow neighbors maintaining a proactive approach in protecting each others family and property. For more information on starting a community watch in your neighborhood please contact the Angier Police Department.

  • The Angier Area Liaison Program is a partnership between the Police Department and individual areas of the Town of Angier that will enhance the community watch program. This program is currently underway and look for police officers to be knocking on your door or coming to your business asking for your help. This program will consist of the town being broken down into eight individual areas. Each area will have a specific police officer assigned as well as an area liaison member or members that will be responsible for the constant flow of information to improve the quality of life in Angier. The assigned police officer will have the responsibility of addressing potential or current issues with the liaison member and will actively work together to find solutions to those issues. If you are interested in becoming an area liaison member please complete a registration form, which can be found on the Police Department Home Page or simply come by the Police Department to register. If you have further questions about this program please call the Angier Police Department.

  • The Motorist Assistance Program is a free service provided to all residents and visitors of Angier. This program includes the Police Department coming to your location and assisting you in getting the help you need. The program also includes unlocking your vehicle if you lock the keys inside and jumpstarting your vehicle if the battery is dead. During normal business hours please call 639-2699 and after normal business hours please call 893-9111 if you are in need of this service.

  • The Property Theft Inventory Program is a program that assists residents with making a list of their valuables in case they are stolen. The Police Department has an inventory form where you can list your valuables to include the make, model, serial number, or owner applied number. If you become a victim of theft this form will help expedite getting reimbursed for your loss through your insurance company and will assist law enforcement in having a better chance in recovering your property. This program includes the Police Department coming to your home, helping you fill out the inventory form, taking pictures of your property, and engraving your drivers' license number on your property if requested. To take advantage of this program please come by or call the Police Department at 639-2699.

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