Town of Angier, North Carolina
Public Works 
New Construction Utility Policy


This Policy applies to new construction. The following is required prior to acceptance by the Town of newly installed water distribution and sewer collection infrastructure:

  • Video inspection of sanitary sewer laterals
  • No utility on the public side of the right-of-way shall be installed under concrete drives, asphalt drives, sidewalks, pads, etc.
  • All cleanouts shall include a brass cap and be installed on the right-of-way line.

Video inspection of all sanitary sewer laterals will be completed by the Developer prior to final acceptance. A copy of the video and video log shall be provided to the Town of Angier Public Works Director.

Video inspection of the sanitary sewer lateral serving an individual lot will be completed by the Builder prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for the associated lot. The builder will be responsible for the repair of a damaged lateral as a condition of issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. A copy of the video shall be provided to the Town of Angier Public Works Director.

An exception to utilities under drives, sidewalks, etc. may be given at the discretion of the Public Works Director for water mains being installed within the street right-of-way but outside the street section.

This policy is intended as a supplement and is not a replacement to the requirements for installation, testing and inspection of water and sewer lines as provided in the Town’s Standard Specifications and Construction Details.

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