Town of Angier, North Carolina
Public Works 
Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Policy


The Town of Angier will not respond to a request to clear a blockage at any given residence or business unless the property owner has installed a cleanout at the right-of-way. The cleanout must be a sweep or Y connection, no 90-degree ell’s are allowed. The Town of Angier will be responsible for the sewer line from the cleanout at the right-of-way to the Town of Angier’s sewer main. The Town of Angier will not go on private property to clear a sewer blockage. The Town of Angier staff will be glad to meet with property owners to inform them where the cleanout should be installed. The property owner must come to the Town of Angier and apply for a plumbing permit for installation of the cleanout and have the cleanout inspected by Town staff. However, the Town of Angier will waive the fees for the plumbing permit.

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