Backflow / Cross Connection

As of February 1, 2019 the Town of Angier will no longer accept backflow test reports. The Town of Angier has partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc. which provides an online tracking system of backflow data.

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The Cross Connection Program for the Town of Angier is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the residents of the Town by protecting against backflow events in our distribution system. A backflow event is the reversal of potentially contaminated water from the customer into the Town of Angier's potable water system. The Town of Angier protects its distribution system by requiring the installation of backflow preventers on the customer's side of the meter. Most residential customers are protected with a dual check valve installed inside the meter box. For higher risk services the Town of Angier requires testable backflow assemblies that are required by the Water Quality Protection / Backflow Ordinance. Click for Town ordinance. After installation test and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the customer and are required by the Town of Angier's ordinance. Test and maintenance reports of backflow assemblies are to be submitted to Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) on their website: click here.

For questions concerning backflow assembly installation or test and maintenance requirements please contact the Town of Angier Public Utilities Department at (919) 331-6712. For questions about test report submittal please contact BSI at 1-800-414-4990 or online: click here.

Customer Information

  1. Every backflow customer that receives a notice will be provided a CCN number. This number will need to be provided to the tester to submit your test report.
  2. All customers have the ability to check the status of your test reports using the provided CCN number. This can be done at online (click here) or by calling 1-800-414-4990.
  3. Customers should always request a copy of the test report from your tester for your records.

A list of certified backflow testers has been provided for your reference. The Town of Angier in no way endorses any of these contractors.

Reminder: All backflow test and maintenance reports are due by the date requested on the notice. Please submit these reports on time to prevent possible service interruptions or fines.

Backflow Downloads:

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