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What do we do with leaves and limbs?

Pick up covers only light pruning and you will need to chop up your limbs. We will not pick up anything longer than 3′ in length and 4″ in diameter. Leaves need to be raked to the shoulder of the road. Debris trash should be out by the road on Monday morning and is usually picked up on a weekly basis, however, weather and other conditions may prevent us from picking it up within a week's time. If your debris has not been picked up in over two weeks, please call us at (919) 639-2071.

If you have a tree cut down by a tree service, that company needs to remove the tree and its debris.

What do we do with household debris?

The Town of Angier will endeavor to pick up light household items and white goods, as defined by Section 15-27, left in front of the resident's personal property along the right-of-way of Town streets. Pickup of Light Household Items and White Goods are limited to three items per week. If more than three items per property are left for pickup, the Town may not be able to pick up any of the items left.

The Town will not pick up items from storage units, construction debris (such as shingles, sheetrock, lumber, building materials, doors, or windows) carpet, tires, or glass.

What do I do if my water and sewer leaks?

Call the Public Works department during regular business hours (919-639-2071). For evenings and weekends, you must call Harnett County's non-emergency dispatch (910-893-9111) who will contact an on-call Public Utilities employee.

How do I know if a water problem is Angier's or my responsibility?

The right-of-way determines who will take care of water or sewer leaks / seepage. Generally you can gauge this by the right-of-way being approximately 30 feet from the center of the road onto your property. This area is the Town's responsibility. Anything beyond that line is your responsibility. You can also figure out where this line falls by the clean-out pipe on your property. If you do not have a clean-out, we will not be responsible for your sewer.

What can be done about potholes?

Contact us by phone or email to report the pothole location with a street name and the nearest address to the pothole. You can also use the online form to the right to report a pothole.

What can be done about a street light that is out?

Contact us by phone or email to report the light's location with a street name and the number on the pole (the pole number is located about 6′ up on the pole). Someone should be by within two weeks to replace the light.

Who do I report a roadside animal carcass to?

Public Works will take care of removal of the carcass within the town limits. The Department of Transportation (DOT) takes care of animal carcasses outside of the city limits. You can reach the DOT at (910) 893-3101. Do not call Animal Control.

Do I have to make my monthly payment in person?

No. There are numerous payment options for your convenience. You can mail a check to the Town of Angier, PO Box 278, Angier, NC 27501-0278 by the 10th of each month; you can drop your payment off into our convenient drop box out in front of Town Hall; you can submit your payment online from this Town website (Online Payment Center); you may phone your payment in, using your debit or credit card at (919) 639-2071; or bring your payment into Town Hall.