Recycling Info

The Town of Angier has a mandatory recycling policy and offers recycling for our in-town water customers. The bimonthly pickup is every other Friday. (There are seven convenient recycling centers located in Harnett County.) Customers may pick up a free yearly recycling schedule magnet at Angier Town Hall or they may call (919) 639-2071 to request their own schedule magnet. Please view our recycling schedule and our recycling instruction sheet for more information.

North Carolina's Statewide Computer and TV Recycling Program: Click here.

Plastic Recycling Clip ArtAccepted: Plastic Recycling

Includes all cleaned plastic bottles and jars #1 thru #7: soft drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, flattened cartons, etc. Check the bottom of the container. If you see the recycling symbol with a #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 in the center, it is acceptable.

Metal Recycling Clip ArtAccepted: Metal Recycling

Includes aluminum cans, pie and baking pans, tin cans, steel food containers, empty aerosol cans, and lids. Metal beverage cans, baking tins, foil, and food containers are also included in this material category.

All items must be clean of food.

Cardboard Recycling Clip ArtAccepted: Cardboard Recycling

Includes corrugated cardboard, shipping boxes, cereal and dry food boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, moving boxes, detergent boxes, soda/beer cartons, and paper towel/toilet tissue rolls.

All boxes must be flattened for proper disposal.

Paper Recycling Clip ArtAccepted: Paper Recycling

Includes newspapers, inserts, labels, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, manila folders, letterhead, notebook paper (no backings), computer paper, envelopes (with windows), coupon books, index cards, calendars, and brown paper bags.

Glass Recycling Clip ArtSometimes Accepted: Glass Recycling

Note: Many areas are no longer accepting glass. This is the biggest one to look for before recycling. Glass has become incredibly expensive to recycle and many facilities are no longer taking it, so always double check. If it is accepted, it usually includes:

Bottles and jars. Lids must be removed from the container and separated before being placed inside the container. All liquid and food waste must be removed before being recycled.

Non Recycling Trash Can Clip ArtDo Not Recycle: Dispose in Trash Can

Styrofoam, window glass and mirrors, electronic waste (TVs and computers), motor oil containers, yard waste, chemical containers, shredded paper, plastic bags, ceramics or dishes, food waste, scrap metal, monitors.